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A Fairy Sparrow

with love...

Original work was published in January 2015 under the title of "A Fairy Sparrow" by Saravanan. Now, the writer wants to include his nickname as "Saravanan Evu" in the Revised Edition of the poetry published in March 2019. No changes made in the cover picture of the poem.

© Saravanan 2015 | Revised Edition © Saravanan Evu 2019


Rain starts to smile when,

dark clouds shut down the sky.

A fairy sparrow starts to fly,

to found a place to hide.

But, when it starts to fly

Storm passes..!


so the fairy sparrow afraid to fly.

Then it sat on a dry tree,

his eyes were shed with tears.

Because his faith was shut with

full of fears.

When rain falls on his eyes,

it wipes the tears from his eyes.

And it realized to have faith

on his life.

But it didn't bring hope

to his life.

The drop of his tears falls 

on the flower bud which was 

in the ground.

At the moment,

A flower blooms with the smile

which carry thorns on its stem.

Fairy sparrow feels wonder

when the flower smiles.

And realized, it smiles because

it carries the hope on its scope.

Then it wiped the tears

from his eyes,

and it hides the wounds

in his life.

Fairy sparrow seeks his wings to fly

then it flies away in the sky

with a smile.

Because faith and hope brings

the courage to the scope

of his life.


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