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An Isolated Dog

with love...

Original work was published in February 2015 under the title of "An Isolated Dog" by Saravanan. Now, the writer wants to include his nickname as "Saravanan Evu" in the Revised Edition of the poetry published in March 2019. No changes made in the cover picture of the poem.

© Saravanan 2015 | Revised Edition © Saravanan Evu 2019


When I lost my faith,

you lit up the light in my life.

And it brings up the faith back

to my life.

You made me smile

on those days that were 

like hell in my life. Because

I saw my heaven in your eyes.

Lost of solitude of my darkened

dreams are now in the shine.

Because you are the one who

brings hope on mine.

You gave all the things 

to my life. And left me alone 

in the lane of life.

Now I'm stumbling upon 

to lit the light again in my life. 

Because my heart asking me, 

How can I? 

lit it again when my love 

was not with mine.

Every day my heart is telling 

me to hold your hand. 

But, how can I? 

Cause, you baby gone away 

from me now.

All those days were 

just going to be a memory 

like a star which lost its glory.

And now I'm alone 

in the lane of my life

with a broken wing.

So I'm just barking like

a dog about the pain

which last long to be 

forever in my heart. 

May love shut the light of my life. 

But it can't shut you down 

from my heart. 

Cause you are the only one 

I want in my life until the 

rest of my life.


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