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with love...

Original work was published in February 2016 under the title of "Elfrida" by Saravanan. Now, the writer wants to include his nickname as "Saravanan Evu" in the Revised Edition of the poetry published in March 2019. No changes made in the cover picture of the poem.

© Saravanan 2016 | Revised Edition © Saravanan Evu 2019


There is a light of my life

waiting for me to carry it on.

But, the sorrow of my life

is in the middle of the ocean.

Foundering in the tears of pain.

Stars will start to shine

when the sky becomes dark.

But, the fate of my life still

seems to be dark.

Still, I remember that day.

The day,

which made a white bird

to fall into the red well.

It screamed for help!

They shut its mouth.

It seeks his wings!

They tied its wings.

It weeps in pain!

But, they didn't wipe its tears.


no one is there for me

to wipe my tears.

I know I'm isolated.

The colors of my life are fading.

But remember,

the faith of my life has not faded.


I'm the white bird

one who born to fly in my

own way. Independently!

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