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End Of My Life

with love...

Original work was published in March 2015 under the title of "End Of My Life" by Saravanan. Now, the writer wants to include his nickname as "Saravanan Evu" in the Revised Edition of the poetry published in March 2019. No changes made in the cover picture of the poem.

© Saravanan 2015 | Revised Edition © Saravanan Evu 2019


Shining Sun and Shining Stars  

were fading away; 

Because I'm going far away from

where no one can see me  

how I'm.

Story of my life has blued. 

I'm crying again while  

thinking of those days again.

Tears fell from my eyes  

when I fall in my mom's eyes. 

Then she wiped my tears  

with a smile on her face.

When smile blooms on my face 

Her smile vanished in her face.

I cried again and waited for  

My mom to wipe my tear again.

But she went away from me  

like a passing cloud. 

I realized I lost the heaven 

of my life.

Finally, they threw me out of 

their life.

I lived alone in this cruel world.


The days have passed quickly.

But  still,

I'm in the same condition 

losing all my sensation. 

Sorrow of my life evolves tomb 

for my life.

So, How I could be brave  

when all the white flowers 

were fallen into the red river.

My heart is crying like a child 

for a piece of happiness. 

Which,  I've never seen in my life.

And, How I could live forever. 

When I realized, 

the tears of my unhappiness  

will last forever.

I'm crying again 

in the sorrow of pain. 

And, I couldn't handle it anymore.

So, I'm going far away  

where no one can't see me 

how I'm.

Oh, My dear heart you don't  worry  

I will take you with me when  

I go away. 

My mom will be there for us  

to wipe the wounds which people 

gave to us.

Saying my final goodbye to this  

cruel world;

Cause I'm going away to see my 

Mom again.

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