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with love...

Original work was published in October 2013 under the title of "Love" by Saravanan. Now, the writer wants to include his nickname as "Saravanan Evu" in the Revised Edition of the poetry published in March 2019. No changes made in the cover picture of the poem.

© Saravanan 2013 | Revised Edition © Saravanan Evu 2019


Love is the most powerful word in the world,

which gives peace and happiness to the world.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world,

which has more pain and Joy.

Moon brings us light in the night,

Love brings us light in life.

Darkness makes stars to shine in the sky,

Love makes us to shine in life.

Sea has no end until you reach,

Love has no end until you die.


Love is the heart of the soul.

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